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Welcome to the periodontal office of Dr. Wayne. W. Kuo DDS!

  • Our company is called Periorage PLLC. Now, why is it called Periorage, you might ask? Is it an angry periodontist? No, far from it, in fact we want to give you a gentle and caring experience to all of our patients. RAGE is an acronym for "Receptor for Advanced Glycation End

Products",  which cause systemic inflammation. Thus, the name shows the relationship between periodontal disease and systemic inflammation. 

 Dr. Wayne W. Kuo and his team will help your gums stay healthy. We know that you are scared about your gums, and that you want to keep your teeth, but be rest assured that Dr. Kuo and his team will relax you, feel comfortable, and he will help you keep your gums and your natural teeth healthy! Dr. Kuo is a calm, soft spoken periodontist, so do not fear, because Dr. Kuo is here! We are going to give you world class periodontal treatment in Tampa, at an affordable price.

What our customers are saying

I highly recommend Dr. Kuo. He is really nice and professional. He always cares about his patients. Also, the price is fair and reasonable.

He Jin

"What an awesome experience and family run business. Going to the dentist can sometimes be stressful. They made everything easy and did an awesome job! Thanks, Dr. Kuo!!"

Jeff Weaver

Happy Gums, Happy Patients!

Don't just take our word for it.  Please. Click on actual patients' reviews. 

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